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How to Find a Good Web Host

Good web hosts don't necessarily come cheap; and cheap web hosts are not always good. A good web host should provide credible and quality service, rather than merely cheap services. A common mistake made by website owners just starting out is to pick the most inexpensive web hosting package available, opening himself up to a whole host of technical problems and website downtime, and eventually switching over to a different web host. Choosing your web hosting provider is pertinent in order to avoid these problems which would only surface later on. 

Here are a few tips when finding a good web host.

Ensure that the number of users using the server is actually supported by the server. This is to make sure that the network of the web host is not overpopulated, which can lead to latency and network problems for your website. Check out the server technology being used so as to get an idea of the quality of the servers your website will be hosted on. Good web hosts keep their systems updated and well maintained.

The system administrators should be knowledgeable and prompt to react to any technical problems. A good web host provides 24/7 technical support manned by qualified technical personnel. 

The hosting package you sign up for ought to contain more than one connection to the internet in order to resolve network redundancies. Thus, if one connection goes down, your website does not disappear off the internet, as it can still be connected by rerouting through other connections.

Check the speed of the internet connectivity. A T2 or T3 Internet connection running below 50% of the maximum bandwidth is preferred.

When choosing a hosting package, pick the one that best suits your needs. Signing up for redundant features will only serve to increase clutter when modifying or changing your website, and also drive up your hosting costs. Use a upgradeable hosting solution so that your website's space, bandwidth, and functions can grow along with your business requirements.

Find out the general consensus of the web hosting community regarding the web host you intend to join. Learn from the past experiences of those who have used the web host and hosting solution before. A good place to search for feedback and testimonials would be via web hosting forums. Good web hosts attract and build a loyal following, and this can clearly been seen within the hosting community.

Keep documentation of payments, receipts and billings in hard copy. Remember to check your credit card statements if you pay by credit card. Ensure that you are not over-billed.

A good web host backs up your website data on their own servers. This allows your website to be up and running even when a crash occurs on the main server network. Also, make sure that you own your domain name. You should not let your web host have administrative control over your domain.

All in all, a good web host will have all of these features and precautions taken care off, leaving you to focus on your business or your website in peace. Remember, a good web host works in the background, supporting your business while letting your website be in the limelight.


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