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Mambo And Joomla Website Hosting Makes Life So Much Easier!

Mambo and Joomla website hosting refers to hosting that provides the Joomla or Mambo content management system. Joomla and Mambo are free open-source content managers which allow their users to publish content onto their respective websites. They are the most popular content management systems available at the moment. Ironically, Joomla and Mambo originally came from the same development team: Mambo. However they split in 2005 when the core developers of Mambo left to set up Joomla over certain developmental differences. Nevertheless, regardless of the history behind these two content managing systems, they have grown to become the dominant forces in this industry. There are varied opinions behind the users of these two Mambo and Joomla website hosting systems.

The Joomla system is a system which comprises many different parts which allow extensions and integrations to made added on to it easily. One such extension would be the "plugins" which are background extensions which give the Joomla platform even more options and functionality. The Mambo platform is highly similar, as Joomla is an adaptation of Mambo, and both are award-winning content management systems. Most large websites with directories and databases require the use of a CMS, or content management system. It is common for most organizations to have an internal email or data input system, and this is usually done through a content management system, or rather, Joomla or Mambo. 

The benefits of using Mambo and Joomla website hosting are huge. Both content managing systems have huge official and unofficial communities and fan-bases. This allows the Mambo and Joomla platforms to offer bi-directional text support which are not available to other, smaller content management systems. This allows companies to tailor the content language to whatever is the prevailing or common language spoken there. Also, the large community and the open-source nature of both Joomla and Mambo managers means that there are many useful unofficial plugins, extensions, addons, web templates and other freelance customization services. A clear example of this fact is that there are over 2100 extensions available for Joomla, and this is only a record of the official ones. The large variety of extensions can allow a web master to carefully tailor the content management system to the needs of the organization, allowing for a better crafted CMS altogether.

The advantages of Mambo and Joomla website hosting do not simply stop here. Mambo and Joomla website hosting allow for any programmer to make changes using a single platform. Since Joomla and Mambo are so widely used in the content management system industry, it is simple for one programmer to add on certain extensions to a website and a second programmer to continue working from there. There is no need to adapt or modify anything because everything works in a single CMS. This allows companies and websites to work faster and outsource more work to outside programmers, be it freelance or otherwise. This is a benefit to the entire open source community as well.

Ultimately, Mambo and Joomla website hosting are an important part in websites that require a content management system. They are the benchmark for the current content management systems to measure up to. With such a large community, it really is no surprise that these two players are dominating the market the way they are.


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