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Hosting that includes site builder

There are many web hosts available and even some which include a site builder or publishing platform in the hosting package. The more popular free ones include blogspot or wordpress, while the paid ones include blue host and dream host. Choosing which web host to use which includes a site builder is very important to the budding website owner. A site builder can simplify the website building process and enable the programmer to work at the aesthetic level rather than at the code level. This not only allows non-programmers to create their own websites, but also makes things faster and easier for those who are familiar with code.

There are many free hosting services which include site builders or publishing platforms. Blogspot is one of them. Blogspot uses the Blogger site builder to create websites. Blogger allows its users to choose from a selection of templates, add various widgets and plugins to the website, and customize and post up articles. The entire process of creating a website and adding content to it has become much simpler and easier. This is not just limited to Blogspot. Wordpress uses the wordpress engine, which has more customization for its users as well as a whole host of extensions available. Ultimately, the difference between the 2 are minor, and since these are free web hosts, you can always switch over if you dislike it.

There are just as many options for paid web hosting which include site builder tools. One such example would be Blue Host, which offers cheap and quality web hosting. Not only that, they also use the Wordpress engine for building their website. By using a free, open-source publishing platform to augment their web hosting capabilities, they can provide a better service. Being an industry leader with over 1500 GB offered in website storage, free domain names, high bandwidth and most importantly, 99% uptime guaranteed, it is a good choice for a hosting which includes site builder tools for the budding website owner.

Dream host is another good choice which uses the Wordpress engine as the default site builder. Getting a website up and started may be the hardest thing for a budding website designer to accomplish; Dream host allows wordpress to be synchronized with just a click, letting you get straight down to business. With the huge extensions available for Wordpress, the 1 TB in disk space that Dream host offers may just be needed. With 10 TB of bandwidth it is definitely a good choice for a business website.

In any case, picking which web host to use is a personal choice. Some may find one provider to be superior while others may differ in opinion. Ultimately it boils down to what kind of website you are creating and which hosting and site builder suits you best. Picking the right web hosting company is often a difficult choice when it comes to the paid services. However, for the free services, you can always simply change to another provider if one proves dissatisfactory.


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