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Wordpress Web Hosting Companies!

Wordpress is a publishing platform for Internet websites which is popularly employed by various web hosting companies on the Internet. It is the "interface", so to speak, through which website owners are allowed to modify and change their website. Wordpress makes things easier for website owners to carry out their own modification without needing to work at the code level. The advantages of Wordpress are plenty, as it is a program that focuses on "aesthetics, web standards, and usability", as quoted from Wordpress.org.

Wordpress is also highly customizable with various addons modules which provide a large variety of features. The huge community as well as the open-sourced addons available is an advantage enjoyed by few, if any other publishing platform. WordPress supports categories, modification of the core files as it is open source, and plugins for even more customization. Of course, there are various other publishing platforms available, but with the industry dominance enjoyed by Wordpress, being the most popular and well-designed platform, it is no wonder that a budding website owner would want to use Wordpress web hosting companies to support his new website.

Here is a list of popular Wordpress web hosting companies:

Blue Host, at bluehost.com is an industry leader in web hosting by any standard. With web over 1500 GB offered in website storage, free domain names, high bandwidth allocation, guaranteed 99% uptime, it is no wonder that Bluehost has become a tour de force in the web hosting market.

Dream Host allows you to install and run Wordpress with just a click of the mouse. Getting your website up and running is possibly the most daunting task facing any new website owner, and Dream Host allows Wordpress to be instantly synchronized with your web host. With 1 TB in disk space available and 10 TB of bandwidth, it is a good choice for any business or perosnal website owner.

Media Temple is a wordpress web hosting company using clustered hosting platform which offers benefits that standard web hosts do not. Being hosted by a clustered hosting platform, your website or blog will always be up no matter how much traffic is redirected to it. A sudden burst of traffic or a malicious denial of service attack can no longer take down your blog for hours on end while your web host sorts things out.

Laughing Squid at laughingsquid.net is an independant wordpress web hosting company operating out of San Francisco. Ran by open source programmers, they provide various addon modules and Wordpress mods unavailable anywhere else. Running a dependable, friendly and secure web hosting service, they may not be the biggest corporation in the industry, but they are by no means any inferior.

These web hosts are just a few of the many web hosting companies which provide Wordpress support. There are many other web hosts which provide similar support for the popular publishing platform Wordpress. The most important thing is to find the most suitable web hosting company and plan before you decide on which web host to use. With the variety available in the market, finding the perfect wordpress web hosting company is no longer just a pipe dream.


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