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If you want to Buy Cheap Web Hosting but unsure of which hosting provider is right for you, let us help you to make the right decision. Our host experts have done their research and want to help your business save time and money searching for the best and inexpensive web hosting services. We have taken the time to find the lowest priced and most established web hosting service providers in the market today! For your convenience we have published a chart, Buy Cheap Web Hosting Reviews, that compares the top 20 Web Hosting companies of 2009. Review our Web Host Ranking chart to help you make the right decision.

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Buy Cheap Web Hosting Reviews 

1 Buy Cheap Web Hosting from webHostingPad $1.99 Free Yes unlimited unlimited unlimited 30 Day Review Webhostingpad
2 1&1 $2.49 Free Yes 120 GB 1,200 GB unlimited 90 Day Review 1&1 Hosting
3 inMotionHosting $3.00 Free Yes 100,000 MB 1,000 GB 1 30 Day Review inMotionHosting
4 ixwebHosting $3.95 Free Yes unlimited unlimited unlimited 30 Day Review Ixwebhosting
5 superGreenHosting $3.95 Free Yes unlimited unlimited unlimited 30 Day Review Supergreenhosting
6 ultraWebSiteHosting $3.95 Free Yes 100 GB 5000 GB 1 30 Day Review ultraWebSiteHosting
7 webHostingMetro $3.95 Free No 500 MB 10 GB 1 30 Day Review webHostingMetro
8 iPower $3.95 Free No 5 GB 250 GB 1 30 Day Review Ipower
9 StartLogic $3.95 Free No 60 GB 600 GB 10 30 Day Review Startlogic
10 Globat $4.44 Free Yes unlimited unlimited unlimited 30 Day Review Globat
$4.83 Free Yes unlimited unlimited unlimited 30 Day Review Fatcow
12 Lunarpages $4.95 Free Yes unlimited unlimited unlimited 30 Day Review Lunarpages
13 HostGator $4.95 Free No unlimited unlimited 1 45 Day Review HostGator
14 Hostexcellence $5.95 Free Yes unlimited unlimited unlimited Anytime Review Hostexcellence
15 Omnis $5.95 Free Yes unlimited unlimited unlimited 30 Day Review Omnis
16 Host Papa $5.95 Free Yes unlimited unlimited unlimited 30 Days Review Hostpapa
17 HostMonster $5.95 Free Yes unlimited unlimited unlimited 30 Days Review Hostmonster
18 EZ Web Hosting $5.95 Free Yes 1,000 MB 50 GB 1 30 Days Review EZ Web Hosting
19 blueHost $6.95 Free Yes unlimited unlimited unlimited 30 Days Review Bluehost
20 Greengeeks $6.95 Free Yes unlimited unlimited unlimited 30 Days Review Greengeeks

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Buy Cheap Web Hosting Articles

Is The Cheapest Web Hosting Company The Best Choice?

When setting up a website, one of the most important things would be to pick a good, reliable and the cheapest web hosting company. It is prudent to pick the cheapest web hosting company that is of suitable quality; however it is also wise to check for any additional fees. Sometimes, picking the cheapest web hosting company without checking what features and restrictions might be detriment to your web site if you're restricted to how much bandwidth you are allowed in any given month.

Can Hosting Special Offers Save You Money?

In the competitive market of web hosting, there are bound to be companies promoting hosting special offers in order to attract and retain customers. Picking and choosing the right host provider that is advertising hosting special offers can help you save a significant sum of money when you're ready to host your website. While companies promoting hosting special offers are important in order to save money, you should always bear in mind the general rules of choosing a good quality web host.

10 Things You Should Know Before Choosing A Web Host

Choosing a web host is as important as the content you will put on the site itself. The success of your site will, to a large extent, depend on the versatility of your web host. In this guide, we take a look at services provided by web hosting companies and the features website owners should consider when making a choice...

10 Must Have Resources For Building A Website

This guide lists some of the must have resources every web designer must have and what function these resources perform. Care has been taken to illustrate each tool, define its role in web page creation and show how site designers can obtain them...

How to Find a Good Web Host

Good web hosts don't necessarily come cheap; and cheap web hosts are not always good. A good web host should provide credible and quality service, rather than merely cheap services. A common mistake made by website owners just starting out is to pick the most inexpensive web hosting package available...

Getting A Website Up And Running In Less Than An Hour

Building a website requires knowledge of coding, html, programming, graphic design and excellent copywriting. If you do not have all of these skills, what do you do? If you do not have the time to put together hundreds of pictures, thousands of words and tens of pages, what do you do? This scenario leads us to the issue of quick deployment of websites. In what way can we quickly get our information onto the net? In other words, how can we get our sites running in les less an hour?...

What You Need To Know About The Difference Between Windows And Linux

Previously the difference between Windows and Linux hosting made a huge difference. The first unique difference between Windows and Linux is how you access the server. Ultimately this difference between Windows and Linux are minor, but can make significant difference if you are not prepared for it. The second difference between Windows and Linux hosting is that windows and linux support different languages. Linux tends to be associated with PHP, Perl and CGI while Windows is usually associated with ColdFusion and ASP. ...

A Good Web Host - Reviews

Whether you are running a business, private blog, affiliate marketing scheme, fan-site, or any other conceivable type of website, picking a good web host is often described as the first step towards success. With a good web host, the entire process of getting your website up and about is simplified. A good web host allows you to subscribe to plans which are "scale-able" or upgradeable...

Fastest Web Hosting - Is It Helpful Or Hindering?

In this highly competitive industry of web hosting, having a faster connection inherently means you are one up against your competitors when advertising your web hosting services. To a web master's perspective, this is a good thing...

Who Knew Creating Your Own Forum Would Be This Easy!

Creating your own forum allows you, as a web master, to interact with your readers in order to help improve the website. With the advancement of the internet, creating your own forum is no longer a difficult task for any web master. The easiest method of creating your own forum is to simply use one of the many widely available forum creation tools off the internet. Most forum creation tools these days also come packaged together with internet web hosting platforms, as such, you likely already have the tools you need to create your forum.

Will Analyzing Web Traffic Cost You In The Long Run?

Analyzing web traffic is an important thing to know, whether you are an affiliate marketer, owner of a business website, or even a personal blogger. Analyzing web traffic to your domain is something that every serious website owner needs to get done. An in-depth way of analyzing web traffic can usually be obtained by using web traffic analysis software which sometimes come with your web hosting company or publishing platform.

Business Hosting Plans

There are many reasons why a business would need a website. As the Internet becomes more and more common, it becomes an increasingly effective method to reach out to a critical audience. Public exposure is a hugely important thing when it comes to marketing and business, and the Internet provides this...

Mambo And Joomla Website Hosting Makes Life So Much Easier!

Mambo and Joomla website hosting are an important part in websites that require a content management system. The benefits of using Mambo and Joomla website hosting are huge. Both content managing systems have huge official and unofficial communities and fan-bases. Mambo and Joomla website hosting allow for any programmer to make changes using a single platform. It is simple for one programmer to add on certain extensions to a website and a second programmer to continue working from there.

Host Videos Online - Is It That Simple?

There are many reasons why you would want to host videos online, be it for multimedia advertisements, pod-casting, hosting a fan-subbed video, or any other reason why you may need to host videos online. Which method you use to host videos online and which provider to use really depends on what the purpose of your hosting videos online is. If you are simply hosting a video remotely for your website to link to or stream from, you may want to explore using web hosting to host your video. The web space that is usually allocated with each hosting plan will usually be sufficient for this purpose.

Don't Create Your Ecommerce Webpage Without These Top Must-Have Hosting Features!

Setting up of an ecommerce webpage is no simple task. However, while becoming successful in the e-commerce arena may be a tricky task, the first step, picking a suitable web host for your ecommerce webpage, is simple enough. There are many different web hosts that you can pick from to host your ecommerce webpage. Being one of the industry giants, Blue Host offers various good business web hosting plans which are highly suitable for e-commerce web hosting. There are other web hosts which are good as well such as Host Monster and Green Geeks

Image Web Host - It's Ugly But It's Beautiful

Finding a good image web host is an important yet often overlooked part of starting a website. A good image web host will have a large maximum image file size or no maximum at all. This allows you to upload larger images with higher resolution to share with others. Each image web host has a different selling point and different things they offer to subscribers. Fatcow offers photo image galleries. Their gallery is a web based software product that lets you manage your photos on you own website. With their gallery you can easily create and maintain albums of photos via an intuitive interface.

Free Hosting For Your Website Might Actually Cost You More Money!

You need to decide on a web hosting company to launch your website. Should you use a free hosting company or should you pay for a web hosting plan. If you think the former is correct you should think again...

How To Back Up Web Host!

Wordpress Web Hosting Companies!

Hosting that includes site builder

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